No diet is a one fits all

Instead of listing « good » and « bad » foods, we will work together to achieve your goals, covering optimal weight, reducing cravings, improving sleep quality and maximizing energy.

Every individual is unique

As a health coach trained at the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I base my approach on the concept of bio-individuality. Each of us has particular needs. One man’s food can be another man’s poison.  This is why miracle diets tend to fail in the long run. I will assist you in determining positive changes that address your specific needs, your life style and your preferences.

A global approach to health and well-being

We will look at the way all the aspects of your life are connected.  Is stress at work or in your personal life causing a malaise luring you into poor or excessive eating or other forms of compensation?  Is a lack of sleep or energy preventing you from being physically active? A global approach and regular coaching support will allow you to gradually make positive changes to achieve your goals toward a solid transformation.

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